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How should men prepare for a NeoGraft hair restoration?

Congratulations on your decision not to live with hair loss another day. The NeoGraft hair restoration method is the most advanced available to get a natural looking, fuller head of hair. You will feel confident and ready for anything. The NeoGraft method is the most comfortable, pain-free method available, and you’ll be back to your normal activities in two or three days.

Although you might feel a little nervous about the procedure, there is no need to be. Here is what you need to do to prepare for your FUE hair transplant.

Rest well

It is important to get a good night’s rest before the day of your appointment. Although it is an exciting change in your life, make sure to relax, drink plenty of water and get a solid night of rest.

Cut your hair

It is advisable to cut your hair short to prepare for when your donor site will be shaved. If you already wear your hair short, do not shave it close. If you cut it short beforehand, the change will be less noticeable when you return to work and your normal life. It won’t take long for the site to be covered by a new growth of hair. If you wear your hair long, the doctor can harvest the grafts from a small area that can be covered by your long hair.

Plan your day

You should plan to be at your appointment for at least four hours. The process could take up to eight hours, depending on the size of the procedure. Dr Berkowitz will provide lunch and snacks. Before your NeoGraft procedure, you will be given full instructions on postoperative care, which is minimal.

Michigan men don’t have to live with hair loss, and its damage to your self confidence and identity. NeoGraft hair restoration is a great decision that is usually pain-free, quick and incredibly natural looking. Taking these few steps to prepare will help you be relaxed and ready for the big day and this positive change in your life.

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