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Are you a good candidate for hair restoration surgery?

Are you curious to learn if you should get a hair transplant? Some individuals are better candidates for hair restoration than others. It is crucial that you go into the process with realistic expectations so that you are not disappointed.

Hair transplant surgery

Hair restoration surgery should be a last resort. Effort should be made to halt the progression of hair loss by using various other means.

There are several categories of people who would be ideal candidates for hair restoration.

  • Women and men who have had a significant amount of hair loss as a result of burns or trauma
  • Men who consistently have lost hair due to male pattern baldness who are at a Norwood class 3 or above, or who have been losing their hair for a period of at least 5 years
  • Men who have been losing hair for several years with a pattern that has become stable, yet still would like to have a fuller head of hair to promote a more youthful appearance
  • Men who have a realistic perspective on their hair loss, and realize that it may continue to occur after taking appropriate medication to halt the progress.

Limitations of hair transplants

It is important to note that only a certain amount of hair can be may be moved to thinning areas of the individual’s scalp during a surgery. For this reason, it must be done in an efficient manner, or it may not meet your expectations.

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Hair restoration can be an amazing step for a man or woman who is interested in having a fuller head of hair. With the right perspective, discussion of the procedure and your expectations with a doctor and adequate research, a hair transplant may be right for you. Contact the team at Michigan Hair Restoration today to start the conversation.

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