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As I get older, will my hair begin to gray normally?

While the new method of hair transplant known as Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is becoming ever-more popular, those wondering if the procedure is right for them come with a long list of questions. It is no wonder, since medical procedures that sit on the forefront of our technological limits always raise their share of concerns, and FUE is about as groundbreaking as they come. The good news is that there are more than enough medical and cosmetic professionals ready and able to speak to these most pressing of concerns.

Perhaps one of the most pressing questions weighing on the mind of FUE hopefuls today is that of graying hair. After balding, gray hair is one of the greatest concerns for older Americans, causing many to seek out varying solutions to fight or manage it. Most of all, however, hair transplantees are concerned with achieving a natural look that replicates the color and texture of the rest of their hair. Indeed, this is exactly why so many choose FUE in the first place—to get the most natural look and feel possible.

Experts have learned from experience that FUE hair transplants do in fact gray just as normal hair would, providing the ideal camouflage and blending in perfectly with its surroundings. The science is simple: individual follicles retain all the properties they started out with from where they were extracted. In the same way that an adopted child retains all the genetic characteristics of his or her birth parents, so too do individual follicle cells. Everything from growing length, to color, to graying will remain unchanged, allowing skilled professionals to accurately predict the ultimate characteristics of these cells.

While it might be a bit of a disappointment for those hoping to have forever-colorful hair, experts agree that this ability to gray over time is ultimately a boon for those receiving FUE transplants. Over the long term, transplanted hair ends up looking more natural, blends in better, and allows owners to manage their hair more predictably. While the battle against gray hair continues, those looking to get new FUE transplants will have to turn to more traditional solutions when considering the color of their hair.

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