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Do I have to cut my hair before my hair restoration procedure?

The most recent developments in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) have already begun to show a wide range of benefits. New technology like the Neograft allow procedures to be completed more efficiently then they used to, with minimal discomfort and no residual linear scars. Decreasing recovery times as well as the various activity restrictions that come with traditional methods also means that the procedure is available to a wider variety of people, like athletes. And perhaps most of all, new hair restoration procedures allow greater flexibility for those with longer hair.

And in truth, this has been one of the most significant hurdles for those considering follicle transplants in their future. For many, a completely shaved head is a deal-breaker, standing in the way of them and their ideal head of hair.

To shave or not to shave?

So, do those who are looking to get hair follicle transplants need to completely buzz their head first? The short answer is: each case is different.

Due to overwhelming demand, as well as the obvious hassle that comes with completely shaving one’s head, hair transplant specialists have been working toward a solution that would allow transplant recipients to keep their full head of hair through the procedure. Simply put, it works like this: while transplant sites do, in fact, need to be shaved to receive new follicles, these sites occur in relatively small patches which can be hidden by the wearer’s other hair. By strategically selecting sites across the head, skilled surgeons are able to successfully complete transplants with minimal impact to the overall look of the hair. In order to benefit from this choice you would need to grow your hair to a length of four inches.

For shorter heads of hair

However, for those with more close-cut manes, a short buzz is still encouraged by doctors. The reason is because establishing a uniform length across the entire head at the time of transplant is the most surefire way to ensure a natural looking head of hair as soon as possible. Similarly, those with short hair will have an easier time regaining their original look, usually within just a few weeks.

Whatever your choice, the point is that transplant specialists today are always looking for the most practical solutions that will benefit their patients. If you have a specific concern or need, the best course of action is to get in touch with an experienced and skilled FUE surgeon, who can help you find the best way to get what you need.

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