The causes of hair loss in men and women

One of the difficult things many people have to deal with is the loss of their hair. Regardless of the length, the situation can be traumatic, but even more so for those who had long, lustrous hair. It can be embarrassing and depressing to have to try to come to terms with losing your hair. … read more »

4 reasons women love NeoGraft for hair restoration

Nothing saps your confidence like hair loss, especially if it starts occurring at a young age. In the past, hair transplantation was a painful process. With the invention of the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique, hair restoration for women has changed completely. The NeoGraft device is the most advanced hair restoration method available, and there … read more »

Three reasons to get a beard transplant

Do you ever wish your beard was thicker and fuller but have never been able to get the look you have always wanted? Well, you will be pleased to learn that the 21st century has taken hair restoration beyond the top of the scalp to the rest of the face, with cutting-edge beard transplant procedures. … read more »

Are hair restoration procedures really painful?

One of the biggest concerns hair transplant patients have is whether the procedure and recovery process will cause them significant pain. Although the traditional strip hair transplant method can cause discomfort both during and after surgery, the NeoGraft procedure is designed to make the process as comfortable as possible, and many of our patients are … read more »

Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration right for you?

Are you ready to enjoy the confidence of a full, natural looking head of hair? If so, you have probably considered many options. One advanced treatment that is gaining popularity with doctors and clients is NeoGraft Hair Restoration. This is a much gentler process than the traditional strip method of hair transplantation which creates a … read more »

How should men prepare for a NeoGraft hair restoration?

Congratulations on your decision not to live with hair loss another day. The NeoGraft hair restoration method is the most advanced available to get a natural looking, fuller head of hair. You will feel confident and ready for anything. The NeoGraft method is the most comfortable, pain-free method available, and you’ll be back to your … read more »

As I get older, will my hair begin to gray normally?

While the new method of hair transplant known as Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is becoming ever-more popular, those wondering if the procedure is right for them come with a long list of questions. It is no wonder, since medical procedures that sit on the forefront of our technological limits always raise their share of … read more »