Case Study

My journey from hair loss to Neograft has definitely been a gradual, but striking one to me. I don't think it was a specific moment that I realized I was losing my hair. I saw it change in the mirror over a couple years. I just kept thinking, "Holy crap. Where did my hair go?" I mean- am I that old? Where did my hair go? How can I already be at that point in my life where I'm losing my hair? I don't want to look like my dad. Hair loss is a big thing in my family, but I just always told myself it wouldn't happen to me. I'm too young for that.

Working as an aesthetician you start to notice the smallest things, and that absolutely reflects on your own appearance. It became too much. And to be honest-- a lot of people were very surprised that I did the procedure. They didn't think I had that much hair loss...until I actually went through the procedure. They were suddenly really surprised by how much hair loss I actually had.

It's crazy. You look at all these celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal who have seemingly perfect heads of hair. That's not real life, but from working in the office I noticed that Neograft was the next best thing to real life.

Before the procedure I sat down with Maria and we went through the paperwork. She went through and explained everything in detail to me--what I'd be going through, even though I knew it all already. The night of the procedure I was a little nervous. I was pretty excited but I was a little nervous. I wrote this in the note section of my phone:

"So it's the night before my Neograft procedure and I have to admit that even though I have seen this procedure done a couple hundred times I'm a bit nervous…"

Some of josh's grafts laid out on a gloved finger.
Some of josh's grafts laid out on a gloved finger.

The next morning came. The team made me feel comfortable right off that bat. Any nerves that I had--they went away within minutes of walking in the front door. The procedure itself was super laid back. I was awake for a little bit of it, but I slept through most of the day. When I was awake I was joking with the team, talking with them, and watching Netflix. And before I knew it the procedure itself was over. The day was very relaxing overall. I was very surprised.

It's been about six weeks now since I've had the procedure. And I'd say that everything has been going great. I kind of knew what to look for as far as the shedding phase where the hair starts to fall out. I was expecting it to happen, but I've held on to the majority of my grafts so far. So, I'm seeing better results that I had anticipated.

Everything is lining up for my wedding in May. Like anyone would, I want to look my best. We're going to have these photos the rest of our lives to show our kids, grandkids, and I don't want to be the old guy in the photos, especially since my fiance has a full head of hair. I can't say if I had started to lose my hair when I met him, but I'm glad he'll get to see me with one now.

Update: It’s been a few months since I started my Neograft Journey. I knew I was going to see an amazing change from the moment I decided to move forward with my procedure, but I had never anticipated how happy I would be! I feel like my confidence has been restored. Every day I wake up and look in the mirror and am happy to see the hair I have wanted for so long now. Dr Berkowitz and his team have been there to answer and questions or concerns I have had along the way. It’s only been 4 months and I have been told that there is still more growth to come in the next 8 months! Can’t wait to see my final result!

Before & After (1 month)
Josh 5 months post opJosh 5 months post opJosh 5 months post op
Josh before & 5 months post op