Photo Gallery: For Women

The glow and fullness of your hair creates a youthful appearance that radiates beauty and confidence. When it starts to thin or fall off, it takes a piece of your youthfulness with it. You begin to look older or even sickly. Whether it is caused by genetics or medical-related, we have the solution for hair loss that you are looking for.

We at Michigan Hair Restoration combine artistic flair with innovative technology to inject life back into your thinning hair and balding scalp. NeoGraft has the stamp of approval from the FDA and quickly became the Gold Standard for hair replacement procedures. This minimally invasive method creates minimal pain and discomfort; you also recover faster after the treatment. We do not use scalpels, incisions, sutures or staples when we perform this procedure.

NeoGraft is a proven method that produces natural looking results to restore the youthfulness, body and vibrancy of your hair.

If you still doubt the results of our treatment, feel free to browse our gallery for women NeoGraft, featuring before and after photos. The pictures display the effectiveness of NeoGraft through patients who got the natural looking results they wanted after consistent treatment over several months.

Get in touch with our team today for more information about our hair restoration solutions. We look forward to working with you soon!