Photo Gallery: For Men

Hair loss is a confidence killer and may cause you to look much older. We at Michigan Hair Restoration make it our mission to restore your hair through proven methods.

We use NeoGraft because it allows us to deliver the natural looking results that our patients want. This procedure causes minimal pain and discomfort compared to the traditional method of hair replacement and restoration.

The traditional method of hair replacement is an invasive procedure that takes longer to heal and may cause visible and unsightly scars. With NeoGraft, patients undergo an FDA-approved and Gold Standard treatment that not only restores hair but also improves its look. This method ensures that each graft is at the exact place and depth, which results in a natural looking and fuller hairline. It does not use staples, sutures or scalpels, which makes it a minimally invasive yet effective form of hair loss treatment.

If you still have any hesitations or doubts about the effectiveness of this particular treatment, view our gallery for men NeoGraft featuring before and after photos to see the difference our treatment makes. The results of the technique restore the fullness and vibrancy of your hair.

The natural looking results will make you look younger and better, restoring your youthful confidence. Contact us for hair loss assessment and to determine the best possible treatment.