Month: March 2017

Three reasons to get a beard transplant

Do you ever wish your beard was thicker and fuller but have never been able to get the look you have always wanted? Well, you will be pleased to learn that the 21st century has taken hair restoration beyond the top of the scalp to the rest of the face, with cutting-edge beard transplant procedures. … read more »

Are hair restoration procedures really painful?

One of the biggest concerns hair transplant patients have is whether the procedure and recovery process will cause them significant pain. Although the traditional strip hair transplant method can cause discomfort both during and after surgery, the NeoGraft procedure is designed to make the process as comfortable as possible, and many of our patients are … read more »

Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration right for you?

Are you ready to enjoy the confidence of a full, natural looking head of hair? If so, you have probably considered many options. One advanced treatment that is gaining popularity with doctors and clients is NeoGraft Hair Restoration. This is a much gentler process than the traditional strip method of hair transplantation which creates a … read more »