Hair Restoration for Women in Michigan

Hair Restoration for Women: Causes of Hair Loss

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a derivative of testosterone, the male hormone, and is the primary enemy of hair follicles because it shortens their lifespan. Women have a fraction of testosterone, but some have just enough to trigger one of the most common causes of hair loss, which is androgenetic alopecia.

Most women with androgenic alopecia experience diffused thinning on various parts of their scalp. Men rarely have diffused thinning, but have patterns of baldness instead. The action of the small amounts of androgen, male hormones, in a woman’s body may cause this form of hair loss. Other potential triggers involve actions of hormones, which include ovarian cysts, high androgen index birth control pills, menopause, and pregnancy.

When a woman’s body experiences a traumatic event such as a severe infection, childbirth, extreme stress or malnutrition, several of the 90% of hair in the growing or resting phase may shift all at once into their shedding phase, resulting in hair loss. Approximately six weeks to three months after the extremely stressful experience, telogen effluvium may begin. Losing a handful of hair is possible when a woman experiences this phenomenon.

Other causes of hair loss exist; they might be hereditary, genetic or medical-related. If you think you display the characteristics of hair loss, consult with our specialists to determine the best possible solution from our choices for hair restoration for women. You can contact us here with any questions.

Restore the Vibrancy of Your Hair

Michigan Hair Restoration has hair transplant solutions for women that restores the volume and vitality of your hair. Our team combines technical skill with aesthetics to restore your beautiful hair. We perform this cosmetic procedure for women who have substantial hair loss because of genetics or medical-related reasons. Whether your hair is thinning or falling off, we make sure to deliver the natural looking results you are looking for.

We also use NeoGraft to replace any hair lost. This method causes minimal discomfort, is minimally-invasive and does not use a scalpel incision. Treatment does not cause any linear scars, has a faster recovery time and delivers natural looking results.